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One Step At A Time

Lenor Madruga had stunning beauty, vibrant health, a handsome, loving husband, two wonderful young children, and a successful modeling career when, on the morning of her 32nd birthday, she discovered a small hard lumb on her thigh. It was cancer. Within a few nightmare months, she had barely saved her life - and lost her left leg. She was a woman who had everything - suddenly fighting to keep from losing it all.

Lenor tells the story of her struggle to walk again and return from the abyss of pain, drug addiction, self-torment, and depression that threatened to swallow up her entire life. It is a triumphant story of her determination to walk, dance, drive, swim, water-ski, ride horses, make love - and do almost everything she used to do before her operation.

One Step at a Time is an autobiography translated into ten languages and now in its third printing. It was also featured in many magazines such as Family Circle Magazine and Readers Digest (internationally). Also featured in major French magazines such as France Soir Magazine; Madame Figaro; and Le Monde and France Soir newspapers. Read More in Reviews & Articles


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Second Book

The Next Leg of My Journey is a sequel with intimate and heart-wrenching personal details and her commitment to enjoying life.

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Latest Book

Women of A Certain Age captures the essence of ten sagacious ladies, aging gracefully and the magic of Lenor's improbable life.

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